MENA Film is a services production company, based in Jordan serving the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We have been formed by Khaled Haddad and Donall McCusker to bring film and television makers to the region. Working with our partners we can provide all the services necessary for any scale of production from single camera documentaries to full-scale “bonded” feature films. If you would like to know more about us, the services we offer or the countries we service please contact us.
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Donall McCusker is an international Line Producer based in London, UK with substantial experience in Jordan, the Middle East and Africa.

He first worked in Jordan in 2005 when he made, Nick Broomfields, Battle for Haditha and then stayed on to Co Produce Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar Winning, The Hurt Locker and Rowan Joffe’s Emmy and Bafta winning The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall. 

Since then Donall kept his links with Jordan making a number of television projects before setting up MENA Film to work with Khaled Hadad and Jordan Pioneers on Forty Five Minutes to Ramallah for Brave New Work based in Germany. 

In addition to his Jordan films Donall has over twenty years experience of film and television production and has worked in the UK, US and Africa.

Donall is a former Chairman of the Production Managers Association, he is a member of the Production Guild of Great Britain and a member of BAFTA. 

He is represented by Claire Best of Claire Best and Associated based in LA.

Khaled Haddad is the founder and Executive Producer of the Jordan Pioneers Multimedia Production Company, Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema Studies from Cairo University.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual field, as a producer, director and production consultant in television and film production. He is also a partner in the equipment rental company ‘SLATE,’ as well co owner of the production services company MENAFILM.

Mr. Haddad began his production career as a general manager for Arab Media TV Production, and has gone on to direct and produce over twenty documentaries, films, and TV programs, in addition to commercials and informational spots. He served as an Executive Producer for Jordan Television and Radio, and for Jordan Satellite Channel's various weekly TV programs, and has also produced independent projects for such channels as BBC, WGBH, National Geographic, and Al-Arabyieh.

Haddad’s ongoing partnership with Sesame Workshop has produced 4 seasons of Hikayat Simsim, the Jordanian version of Sesame Street. Its 104 episodes tackle such issues as literacy, health, hygiene, road safety, respect, and national pride, and are changing the way children in Jordan learn. With the help of Muppets Tonton, Juljul, and Elmo, Simsim also directly engages young children through interactive live shows around the Kingdom, while providing caregivers with trainings and educational materials to further support their child’s healthful development. The project is in the pre production of its fifth season.

Most recently, in partnership with the Search for Common Ground, Haddad has been developing the political dramedy Madame President. Madame President follows a vibrant and sharp witted woman as she becomes president of a Middle Eastern government, and will begin shooting in summer 2014. He also produced Curse of Mesopotamia, a horror film directed by Lauand Omar, and he served as the executive producer of Under the Shadow, a partnership with MENA Films and Wigwam Films.

Some of his other notable projects include production of the 30 episode hit Jordanian drama Bawabat al Quds: Al Tariq ila Bab al Wad (The Gates of Jerusalem: The Road to Bab al Wad), which aired on Jordan TV, Rotana, and 8 local tristill channels, in addition to the educational sitcom Duwwar al Tasa’a with Johns Hopkins University, and 26 short films with the Gulf Cooperative Council. Haddad also acted as associate producer for the German feature film 45 min in Ramallah produced by Brave New Work, as well as co-producer for the documentary features Hijacked and Six Days of June.

Committed to developing the local film industry, Mr. Haddad is a Board Member of Jordan’s Producer’s Union, and is the vice president of the MEDIS distribution network, a partnership between Euromed Audiovisuel and production and distribution firms in the Southern Mediterranean.

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What we do
Every film is unique and at MENA we want to make the best possible films for the resources available. As film makers, both Donall and Khaled know what it takes to maximize the production value for any give budget and with their experience within the region and internationally.
Under the Shadow
Dir Babak Anvari
Curse of Mesopotamia
Dir Lawand Omar
Dir Paul Katis
45 Minutes to Ramallah
Brave New Work - Germany
Battle for Haditha
Lafiette Productions - UK
The Hurt Locker
Dir Katrhyn Bigelow
The Shooting of Thomas Hurndal
Dir Rowan Joffee
Madam President
TV series - Dir Saif Shiekh Najeeb
Locked Up Abroad
Raw Television - National Geographic
Secrets of the Cross
Channel Five
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Jordan has a rapidly expanding film industry.
The country is the most liberal in the region.
The population are extremely friendly and the industry enjoys the support of the king, government and the people.
English is widely spoken.
The currency, the Jordanian dinar is linked to the US Dollar so will not vary and exchange between the two currencies is easy and cheap.
The Jordanian military strongly support the film industry; there is a price list for equipment.
The Royal Film Commission are very active and assist with shipping equipment into the country. They will put up a bond for all the equipment brought into the country and will make filling here easy.
The climate is similar to the meditation so filming is possible all year round. In the north you can expect rain in January to March and for the rest of the year blue sky’s will dominate. In the summer temperatures will be in the mid thirties with low humidity, which makes for very present filming conditions.
Having played a small part in the development for the industry in Jordan I am delighted to be able to set up this facilitation company to show what a great place Jordan is to film in and to support the industry as it grows. What makes Jordan so special is the support we receive from every aspect of the country, starting with the King, The Government, the Army and, of course, the local population. It is a joy to make films here and, as more and more filmmakers are discovering, the country offers enormous potential to make high quality films in an easy and friendly environment.
The Team we are putting together at MENA are the best people in the region, the films we make vary from small television productions to major feature films and we want all of them to be of the highest quality. With our partners in the sounding countries we can pull together the areas combined resources and offer the filmmaker the best solutions to achieve their aims.
I look forward to being able to welcome you to Jordan and the Middle East and to making great films together.

Donall McCusker
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